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Apply them and you could go from being one of many to being the “one”. The more they know about you, the better the match will be. Most important tip on photos: your main photo should be a close-up of you smiling and alone (no kids, exes, friends). Dress appropriately (covering your body leaves some mystery, and that goes for men and women).

We found those profiles to be well written, and exceptionally attractive and compelling.

The profiles included in this guide are not meant to be copied and pasted, and doing that will not serve you well, as it’s not going to convey who you really are. Seeking adventures, outdoor or urban or maybe just barefoot in a kitchen over pasta sauce and a nice red.

These profiles are meant to inspire you to write more creatively and more boldly and to come up with your own writing style and content that will reflect who you are in a way that would make woman think “I really want to meet this guy” before you even start communicating with her. Giving snide answers when the first thing someone asks is “what do you do?

I hope those tips help you improve your profile and attract the right person to your inbox!

Spelling mistakes are like walking out with a stain on your clothes. So make sure your profile is not marred by typos and poor grammar.

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Targeting is a technique used by all good advertisers concerned with efficiency and results.

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